Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Good Way To Spend A Rainy Day...

Wondering what I have been up to lately?

Maybe a more appropriate question would be "what haven't I been up to?"

Things have really been hopping since the first of the month.  In fact, I can hardly believe this is the last day of July!  AAAAHHHH! Can summer almost be over?  I had so many projects lined up in my head that I KNEW that I would accomplish over the summer!

I know...unrealistic.  When will I ever learn?

But the good news is that the BIG ONE is nearing completion. 

This was my kitchen at the end of last week when my husband rigged up plastic booths to sand. He is so thoughtful!  This way I didn't have nearly the dusty mess!

Ah, this last pic tells me it was Saturday.  Note the bowl of pizza dough sitting on the stove!  Yes, I cooked through the mess! 

And my before pics of right before we started painting to show all the lovely red paint.  I liked it, but am SO over it!
 You can also see the blue that was in the original dining room.  

And of course my not-so-lovely blue countertops which I am over, but am helpless to do anything about right now since they are not at the top of the priority list. 

My beautiful daughter helped me with the painting to work off her trip to Holiday World.  Actually she says she was going to help anyway.  Either way, I was very grateful for her help as it was a very large job.  1 coat of primer and 2 of topcoat, all those cabinets, and lots of wall space!

So, that's what I have been up to!

I will get some more pics up once we have the base boards back down and stuff pushed back to the walls.  

Also, after 7+ months DH is about ready to put down the final boards on the floor!  YIPPEEEEE!!!



Sunday, July 14, 2013

Help With a Decision!

I realized today that I had yet to show off the cabinets that I painted in my tiny downstairs bathroom! 

I won't give you the complete reveal because the floor is not done and the trim is still off the doorway. 
But I want opinions, so please read to the end of the post!!

For a while now I had been contemplating painting some of my cabinets.  Every cabinet in the house originally looked like this--

So the logical place to try was this tiny downstairs bathroom where there was only one small upper cabinet and a vanity.  And I knew that white and distressed was the way to go for this primitive loving girl.  

I love them!  Just hoping they hold up for several years, even though it really wasn't too difficult.  

Now for the big question!!  As hubby works diligently to finish laying the wood floor in the kitchen, I can see that I REALLY don't like the floor against the cabinets.  This should have come as no surprise to me since that is why I am painting all my woodwork! 

Something must change!  

The cabinets are custom-built, solid oak cabinets.  I don't know that I can bring myself to paint them.  So I have though about a darker stain over the existing, but that would also darken the kitchen.  So the other option is white paint like I did in the bathroom.  Just maybe not quite as distressed.  


I'm not in a hurry to do it, but when I have a decision like this, it typically consumes my thoughts until I decide! Help put me out of my misery!


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Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Kitchen

Some of you may be wondering how the big kitchen reno is going! 

Well, I will get to that in a minute...

Last weekend we the privilege of attending the wedding of Jeff's youngest brother and his lovely bride.  Actually, Jeff did more than attend, he officiated.  It was a beautiful wedding and a great time with family.  Our oldest son, Matt and his wife, Sarah were here from South Carolina for the wedding and also for her to spend the holiday weekend with her family.  

After the weekend, while Sarah drove home, Matt stayed for several days to help Jeff work on the kitchen project.  

When I came home on Sunday, this is what I found...

Both sons were here helping Jeff and they had thoughtfully put up plastic on both sides of the wall that was coming down to try to prevent drywall dust from going absolutely everywhere. 

The bad part was the fridge sitting in the middle of the current kitchen!  Made it extremely tough to move around in there. I knew I wouldn't be doing much cooking, but this kind of sealed it! 

Here is the view from the other side after the wall came down.  

This is Matt laying the subfloor in the room that originally had carpet. 

And after the plastic came down and the fridge got moved to someplace easier to handle...

Yuck! This shot makes me very anxious to get rid of the blue laminate countertops...but...that will be a while.  Unlessssss...well, still thinking about that.  

The wood floor is about halfway across the kitchen now, but you will have to wait for the finished product to see the pics!