Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Refrigerator Box

You may be wondering, "why on earth have we not heard from Ronda in ages?" Seems to be becoming the norm for me to go a long time between blog posts.

Ah, well, this time I have a really great reason!

I wouldn't go so far as to say that this is the big kitchen reveal. Quite obviously not done...I won't draw your attention to those things that have yet to be changed.

But do let me draw your attention to the lovely braided rug that my hubby bought me for my birthday!
I spent the last week and a half working on the upper cabinets.

I designed, and my DH built the box above the fridge.  It wasn't there before.
Just a reminder...

Yeah, I know!!!! It's now so light and bright now!!  Love. IT. :)

Trying to decide what I want to put in the open box.  Decor?  ie...
Or some storage options?

These are just baskets I had in other places.  In fact, the burlap lined one has stuff in it, you just can't see it! Bonus! But I'm a big fan of the one on the left.  And I am actually leaning more towards this direction.  Just not sure what I would store up here because I wouldn't want just anything to show up there.




Friday, October 11, 2013

Console Table

So, my sweet husband is something of a pack rat :)

He comes by it naturally, both his parents are too.  

But, I must confess, there are times when those pack rat tendencies come in quite handy.  

Like when I decided I wanted a console table behind my love seat so that I would have somewhere to set drinks, magazines, glasses, etc.  And since it is technically in my "office" area, I could throw a few office things on there, too!

So, I come up with a picture in my head of what I want, explain it to my hubby, via pics on the web, and voila! I have my console table! 

The wood we used had a couple of different looks to it, so we took advantage of that.  The wood on the top and on the shelf came from an old bunk bed that we took apart.  It had a dark finish already.  The rest of it was pine from inside the wall we removed.  

I wanted to try the recipe that I have seen with steel wool and vinegar to age the wood.  Didn't work quite like I had envisioned, or I did something wrong.  Because it turned the wood quite orangey. And there was a dusty orange film on it.  

So I rubbed it all down and started over.  This time I used a water down version of black milk  paint to just give it a wash of color.  Liking this much better!  I only painted the pine boards, not the ones that were already dark.  Then I gave it a coat of antiquing wax and it was done!

Well, maybe not quite that simple since I ran out of the wax I was using and was too impatient to wait until I could get some more, so created my own using clear wax and a bit of dark stain.  

I like the way it turned out!



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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why Blog?

Wow, I just saw the date of my last post!
I am really bad at this regular blogging stuff! 

2 weeks! 

Does this imply that I am not cut out for the blogging world? 
I'm not sure...maybe...maybe not. 

A blog in its simplest form is just an online diary.  Simple enough. 

And yet, I have not kept a diary since I was a tween, so why do I suddenly think that I can keep up with one now? 

Maybe because on a computer, it is so much quicker and easier? I mean, who hand writes anything anymore? I seem to have a hard time even signing my name! So what would take me an hour to hand write, I can type out in 15 min or less. And I can add pictures to it, too!

But what kind of content would I be putting in a diary? When I was a tween it was about friends and crushes.  How on earth can I come up with daily, or even weekly, content that anyone is interested in reading?  Especially when it is just about me? 

I hear talk of being "transparent."  What on earth does that mean? Who wants to show their innards to the world? Certainly not me, because then they would see that who I am is only skin deep. Yep, that's right people, this pastor's wife is as shallow as they come! I have nothing of any depth to share with the world! 

That's ok, you say. Not every blog has to be deep and meaningful. Some blogs are just about pretty pictures. 

Oops, so I kind of miss the mark there, too.  I am working on pretty-ing up my pics. Something I am enjoying immensely.  I am finding it takes a lot of work however.  Is that something I am willing and able into which to invest my time? 

I have long thought of myself as a writer, envisioning what it would be like to write a great piece of chick lit (my favorite style of read, btw).  Could my blog reflect that and just be pieces of one big story?

Right now, there is nothing special about my blog.  It is just a poor reflection of other blogs that I follow and enjoy.  Nothing to make it stand out or draw people. 

So, why did I start a blog, you may ask? 

Initially it was to share pics of my current projects with my family and friends who only darken my door a few times a year at most.  And maybe most of them don't even care about what I am doing in my spare time, but I know there are a few who do.  

I know some of you are anxiously awaiting the revelation of what my new mission in life will be. And here you thought that with all this build-up, that I was going to tell you what it was.


Just some of those random thoughts mentioned in my title! Ha! 

But I will grace you with this teaser of what my cabinets are becoming!