Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lessons From Gideon

Some recent goings-on (and some not so recent) have prompted me to once again start evaluating where I stand in my life. 
With my lovely daughter being a senior this year, I am quickly closing in on the empty-nest syndrome. 
And with the advent of the empty-nest syndrome comes the inevitable question: "So what are you going to do now?"


Yes, all these people are very well-meaning, they are only curious about this because they know that I have devoted the last 16 years to be being a full-time home-schooling mom.  

And I know that I do get annoyed far too easily.  My knee-jerk reaction is "What's wrong with what I'm doing now? Why do I have to do something else?" After all, I do have a part-time job as a piano teacher extraordinaire ;)
And the rest of my time is spent, as those of you who read my blog know, working on my home.  

So this has been on my mind for a while, but then a few weeks ago I started a Bible study on Gideon.  Those of you who know the story of Gideon know that he was challenged by God to step way outside of his comfort zone and become the leader (judge) God intended for him to be.  Gideon seemed to be a guy with a major self-esteem issue. He didn't seem to think very highly of himself, so he couldn't really see why God would think that people would actually follow his lead in any daily activity, let alone in going to battle against their enemies, the Midianites. In this, I seem to have a lot in common with Gideon, for you see, this has always been my fear. My excuse if you will, for not stepping out and leading.  That fear is grounded in reality, for I have had bad experiences with stepping out and leading where I thought that God wanted me to go.  And not waiting for God to tell me where He wanted me to lead resulted in... well, poor results.  

And now I feel God tugging at my heart to do...something.  No, I'm not sure what.  Does it involve furniture?  I don't know.  I think maybe in a perfect world it does. :)

I'm sure it involves stepping out of my comfort zone.  Going to battle with my poor self-esteem. Loving people like Jesus did.  

I am trying to quietly and patiently wait for God to whisper my mission in my ear. 

So tough, when I seem to be so good at making up my own missions!

I thought I would add a few of my artsy-fartsy pics for your entertainment pleasure! :)

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