Friday, October 26, 2012

A Tricycle Beauty

It has been a few days since I posted.  Busy couple of days.  I appreciate the people who have left comments on my blog!  I spent several hours today driving around the county looking for deals.  I visited a new shop full of antiques and other flea market-type finds.  I didn't buy anything, but sure enjoyed looking.  And there are a few items that I stored in the back of my mind to possibly go back to look at.  

Today I want to show you a piece that I painted a month or so ago.  This was an end table that I found on Craigslist.  When we went to see it, it was a bit unsturdy, but after discussing it with DH, we offered a bit less and took it home.  
I did manage a before shot, but this was after my husband removed the decorative pieces from the bottom shelf.  It was missing one or 2 anyway, so we planned to replace them with new ones. Please ignore the lovely garage!  Ha! This baby was destined for MMS Tricycle Red milk paint! I'm still not sure what I think about it.  It didn't perform as expected at all! I didn't use the bonding agent, but it didn't get chippy.  Sad.  
I did the usual sanding to distress and then applied antiquing wax followed by minwax clear furniture wax.  
Here you can see the decorative pieces my DH put on.  
I changed the pull.  Hubby had to drill new holes and I filled the old ones.  I toyed with the idea of trying to sell this Tricycle beauty, but my sweet daughter says I CAN'T!  It does fit well in this room.  Also having some issues with moisture going through the coasters and leaving marks on the top.  I didn't think that should happen with the wax.  I even put 3 coats of the clear on the top.  Suggestions?  

I also worked some more on my "new" dining room table.  You won't get to see  her for a while.  But here is a sneak peek.  
Let's just say it will have lots of character!  



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  1. I already posted a comment but it doesn't show so I will state it again - I LOVE your red table and I agree with Cammi that you should leave it in your family room and not sell it!!