Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A New Normal

 Welcome to my new normal....

At least for the next couple of months that is.  The kitchen renovation has officially begun!  One wall in the kitchen is going to completely disappear and one set of upper and lower cabinets will be reconfigured.  
 In the mean time, all the "stuff" that was in the cabinets has had to go elsewhere and the things on the countertop had to be moved to other countertops.  Didn't have much space in the kitchen to begin with, but now, despite the hole in the corner, it feels like the walls are closing in! 

And for those of you who told me I would get tired of a dark color-- I confess, I am ready for the red to be gone! Even though it has only been on there for a few years (3?), it is going to go away.  Unfortunately, the blue countertops will not be going away quite yet.  Those will have to wait until we can save up the funds. 

Hoping the next investment will be a new range :) Once again, when funds come available.  Stainless steel, smooth top! 

There are a few other projects on my radar alongside this one.  Hopefully I will take the time to blog about them!



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