Sunday, May 5, 2013


So, it's been more than 2 weeks since I posted anything.  I must not be cut out for the blogging world, afterall :(

I guess my problem is in always wanting to have pictures to show you.  And I prefer to show a finished project.  I actually had some pics of the craft room a week ago, but never quite got around to putting them on the ol' blog.  

Now I'm actually glad that I didn't as hubby and I spent some time cleaning up the room yesterday and now it looks MUCH better!  :)

So, the walls are all painted, the shelves are back up and I have actually put a few books on the shelves on the right of this pic. (Please ignore the UGLY green couchy-thingy-- it will go bye-bye as soon as I can find something to replace it!)
 This wasn't really the order I wanted these pics, but it is what it is-- I haven't had much luck moving them once I load them.  This next pic shows that we have big stuff in store for this end of the room!  The 2 closet doors used to be the same, but hubby cut out that wall so there will be open shelving there, also.  I had thought we would cut out the entire wall, which is why I didn't paint it, but obviously, it didn't work quite like that.  So, the remainder of that wall will be painted pale yellow, too.  

This will be my sewing corner.  I LOVE THAT! Being able to say I have an actual sewing corner! My sewing machine will sit on the desk (I will make a dust cover for it at some point), all my sewing supplies in baskets and jars on the shelves around me. *sigh of contentment*

The little window seat area will most likely hold a tv so that hubby and I can watch while I craft. The other desk area would be great for all of my scrapbooking stuff, or wrapping paper and ribbon, or a hundred other ideas that I have.  

Sorry this next pic is so bad.  I just wanted you to see that I even made up the bed so that it would not only look better, but it's also ready for company.  These are not the colors that I have chosen, but it works for now! The quilt on the bed I originally made for our guest room.  The embroidered pillowcase is courtesy of my MIL. It actually belongs to my daughter.  The bear I made out of an antique quilt that was full of holes.  

With the lovely warm weather we had earlier in the week, I took the opportunity to paint the window panes that I hadn't done yet.  

Thanks for sticking with me, even when I seem to check out for long periods of time!  I've got a ton of potential projects lined up for summer!



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