Thursday, June 6, 2013

Craft Room Update Again...

I realized I haven't given you an update since hubby finished the closet reno. The closets in this room have never been terribly convenient.  They are shorter than normal and all the shelving in them was next to impossible to get to.  So I had him cut out the wall and put shelves all the way across so that I would have a place to store all of my paint supplies.  Since taking out the wall left an ugly spot on the floor, he decided to rip out the carpeting in the closet and put in flooring left over from my daughter's bedroom.  This is a temp fix until we save up the money to replace the carpeting in the entire room.  I'm kind of liking the way this flooring looks, though :)

I would like to figure out a way to hide the mess, but the shape of the closet kind of prohibits that.  I would welcome ideas...

Hadn't shown you any pics since I got all of my craft "stuff" put in this room, either.  My daughter thinks it may be tough to get to the thread that I want! Ah,'s cute, right?

Some things I found in my grandma's sewing box...

Which is actually the box down there on the bottom shelf.  I still have a small collection of paper patterns that I can't bring myself to get rid of, even though I doubt I will ever use them again.  

Haven't decided yet what I will put in the picnic basket...but I thought it was a nice addition to this room :)

And to answer the question in all of your, the kitchen has not made any progress!  Still living in a mess!




  1. In the basket...maybe a collections of linens, books or a nice green plant if you have enough light in the room? Or you can close the top of the wicker basket and use it to add height to what ever you place on too!

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  2. Or since its a sewing/craft room, maybe store you fabric in it!!

    1. I actually do have fabric in it right now. I considered using it for some scrapbooking stuff. But I do like the idea of something attractive!