Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Craft Room Update!!

Hello my Lovelies!

Life has been more than crazy! More on that in a later post...

But for now...
Remember this "unique" find from a few months ago?
I actually finished it a few months ago with DIY white chalk paint and a few coats of matte polycrylic. I finally found time to put finishing touches on the craft room so that it is now presentable as an extra guest room!

Yes, she is indeed a lovely little lady now! 
Take note that the ugly green sofa parts are gone, gone, GONE!!!
In its place, the futon that has gone through college with both sons, once black, now sprayed white. Now, with a sturdy new mattress, so hopefully guests will sleep comfortably and hubby can sit comfortably to watch tv when I am working in here. 

I made curtains to cover up my messes in the closets :)  
The one on the left was a unique challenge...
The one the right was a bit more inspired...

Are you ready for Thanksgiving???



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