Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Chair Story

I promised you the chair story, so...

On Thursday I found a set of chairs on Craigslist that I wanted to check out.  The post said Bedford-- 45-50 minutes away depending on where in Bedford.  We were planning on being out and about, closer to that area on Saturday anyway, but knowing that if I waited till then, they might be gone, I called Friday morning.  A laid-back male voice answered and said, yes, I could come see them that day.  He was actually located in Heltonville, which would take me at least another 20 minutes.  Ok, whatever.  So I headed that way.  

It wasn't until I was about halfway there that I started having second thoughts about my plan to go alone.  Hubby was already having a busy day, so I hadn't wanted to ask him to tag along.  I called him to talk to him about the wisdom of going alone, but he encouraged me to go ahead and just trust my own judgement.  I think my mother would have disagreed!

I passed through the small town of Heltonville and kept getting further and further into the "boonies." And of course, getting more and more nervous.  I did actually find the place on my GPS, but the spot marked was actually nothing.  There was a vague lane off the road, but I went on past to the next mailbox, about a 1/4 mile, then turned around when I realized that had probably been it.  By this time I had Jeff on the phone directing me via googlemaps.  I cautiously drove up the driveway to find a very dicey-looking house (using this word loosely!) and a shed that must have been his barn.  I sat there in my car for a minute, waiting to see if someone came out.  I had to hang up on Jeff to call this guy and find out if I was in the right place.  I was, and he came out of the house....

BIG GUY!  Ripped, dirty overalls, plaid shirt, shaggy beard and hair, knit cap.  OH MY!!  What had I gotten myself into?  He was waving me up closer.  I hurriedly speed-dialed Jeff again, then just held my phone in my hand. Now, what could he have done if this guy was a serial killer or a rapist?  I don't know, but it made me feel a little better!  

The chairs were great, the guy was just a kind-hearted, back-woods hick and things turned out fine.  But I still made the transaction as quickly as I could and beat it out of there!  And promised myself I would never again go alone!!  

Unfortunately, when I got them home, I realized there was a slight smokey smell, but I think it is wood smoke, not cigarette.  

Here is a pic of the "booth" my husband created for my in the garage so that I could spray paint out of the wind and soon-to-come cold weather.  I may or may not have felt a bit loopy when I was finished....Shhh!




  1. Hahaha!!! You make me laugh! I can only imagine what you thought we were going to do to you when you came to our house!! :)

  2. Ooooooh, I like them! They are perfect. And yes, please don't go without either Jeff or Cammi next time. :}