Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Little Bench

Well, folks, it has been kind of a hectic week here.  Hubby has been at the theater for the last 4 days running sound for the local high school production of Bye-Bye Birdie.  He is literally running on fumes right now, over at Bible study, hopefully not nodding off in the middle of a discussion :D

I enjoyed the beautiful day yesterday, no, not by going outside, although I did that briefly to take care of my dead mums and final remaining impatiens, which had been dead for a while.  Ok, so run-on sentence to complete that thought....I worked on projects!  I had free time, so decided to play around with some painting.  I have a cute, red stool that I bought years ago from Southern Living At Home.  It has sat in the back hallway for kids to sit on while putting on their shoes ever since I got it.  So I decided to play with it....

I had read a tutorial on how to do this, but since I couldn't quite figure out how to do the mirror image...yeah, so a little computer illiterate, I admit I did it in my own way instead.  I printed out the number and then using a sharp pen, outlined it, so that I could see it on the back side.  Then, using a pencil, I colored it in as darkly as I could.  I taped it in place, then using a pen cap :) I burnished it onto the stool.  Then, a tiny paintbrush to paint over the pencil markings.  The lines were done with just painters tape. Sanded the top surface...

...a little distressing....

...a single coat of wipe-one poly, just to protect the paint surface.

I was also working on putting the poly on the table leaf, which, by the way, is done!!

Here you can see my messy work area!  Including the mess in my corner hutch! Unfortunately, I think it is lighter than the rest of the table, even after 4 coats of stain.

That was my Saturday!

Thanks to my future daughter-in-law for the lovely shots of the stool-- I am still learning how to get the best pics of my projects.  I think I will be learning a few things from her!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Doubt very much I will do much blogging between now and then!



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  1. I like the stool!! This may be a stupid question...but is that the date the stool was made..or what? :)