Friday, January 18, 2013

And In My Spare Time...

I am listening to Pandora accompanied by the pounding of 2 hammers.  Two of my kids are helping DH get ready to lay the flooring in the Family Room.  The carpet is gone.  They are working on laying the sub floor.  The walls are all painted, this time BEFORE we put down the new floor.  I think hubby is hoping this will be done by the end of tomorrow.  We'll see...

Anyway, amidst all the chaos of the renovations, I thought it would be a good idea to add another project. (Do you hear the sarcasm?) My grandma's lyre table had been sitting in the garage since my parents brought it to me in October.  I was getting tired of it being a cat bed, so I thought I should bring it inside and work on it.  First it sat in daughter's room for her to put her little Christmas tree on for the month of December.

You can see the top was in pretty bad shape.  I didn't get a close up of the legs that were splitting.  Hubby did a little work on those.  The cute little claw feet needed a bit of work.

 I tried a cleaning method that I found on line for brass, only to discover that they were plated and I kind of ruined them.  So I chose instead to spray paint them with oil rubbed bronze.
I painted the rest of the piece with MMS milk paint in Linen.  I know, the pics sure don't look like that color...but more on that in a minute.  I was curious to see if the paint would work it's chippy magic, since the end table that I painted did not chip.  Well, I messed up on the mixing and ended making way too much because I had to keep adding water to it.

And you can see, it certainly did chip!!!  When I took my scraper to it, the paint started just falling off.  The only places that didn't just fall off on the legs, I did a little bit of sanding on.
 Since the creamy color of the linen is not really me, and didn't really fit my decor, I decided to use an antique glaze on it.  Since I wanted it to soak into the paint and actually change the color, I didn't put wax on it first.  And it REALLY changed the color.  I'm not sure what I would call the color now, some kind of a mix between gray, green and taupe.  Anyway, it works for me! I finished it off with a couple of coats of spray on poly ( I was too lazy to try to wax all of the details on this piece!)

 I just realized you can see the line in the wall where we stopped painting between the music room and the entryway.  BAHAHAHAHA!  Ah, well, trying to find a good space to take pics right now is crazy!

Hoping to have another room reveal soon!



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  1. OOOOhhh, I like it! It's great! But it wasn't mom's table. It came from Aunt Chine via Mike who decided to give it to you because of the lyre. Don't have a clue where Aunt Chine got it - wish I knew.

  2. What a cool table. I'm a sucker for claw feet and a little carving. I love the way the color turned out and the perfect amount of chipping. Good work, what a great piece to have in your family.