Thursday, January 10, 2013

No We Are Not Moving

Sure looks like we're moving, doesn't it?  Feels like that would be easier some days!  But, no, this is just getting all the "stuff" out of the way to do our renovations.  
I will certainly not be in a big hurry to junk up these shelves again!  It will be a great time to purge.  With the "end" of home schooling in my sight, I will most likely donate anything that smacks of homeschooling to our local group.  Unless that is, one of my kids wants some of it in case they eventually choose to home school their own kids. :)
Hubby will most likely not be happy with me for posting these pics since it was certainly not his finest work.  But that is why much of it is coming off and is getting re-worked.  There was a stressful, long trip to Lowe's last night where we discussed what he would remove and what he would add to make it look more professional.  
Of course, you must understand that this was actually his first experience with woodworking of any kind, at the time we were both pretty content with the result.  Now that he has so much more experience, we are both eager for him to improve on this.  

More of our floor waiting to be put down! :)



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  1. Wow, sweet looking forward to seeing the results!