Sunday, February 3, 2013

Confession Time

Ok, so confession time...I spend far too much time drooling over other people's homes on their blogs! I find myself just jumping from blog to blog pouring over pictures, admiring their knack for decorating.  Really wishing that I had that same "something" that seems to be inborn in them, and also wishing that I had the knack that they seem to have for finding cool "junk" at great prices.  Since my house is getting a face lift, there are many things I want to get rid of, but feel guilty for getting rid of things on which I spent our hard-earned money.  And of course, with getting rid of things, comes wanting to replace some of them with new things!  I am trying to make do as much as possible with what I have, but I admit, some money is going to be spent on "things".  

I hadn't shown a pic of my music room bookshelves since I had reloaded them.  I am pretty happy with the "stuff" for the most part.  I left a lot of the framed pics in a box for now.  You can see my new pendant lights in this pic.  Still hoping the one on the right straightens out a bit! 

In the process of the home face lift, I seem to have developed an affinity for wire baskets :) Here is one filled with old books. 

And while the frames are new, the "things" in them are old ;) (Sorry, Mom!).  Pics of my mom and dad when they were quite young.  And to the far right is a piece of needlework made by my great-grandma. 

I am giving you a sneak preview of our Family Room bookshelves now that hubby has them completely done.  They look SOOOOO much better!  I am holding off on loading them for now, once again waiting on the paint to cure.  So, while I took pics of the whole thing, I just couldn't bring myself to post them.  

And finally, some pics of the Family Room and center hallway so that you can see more of our new floor and the rug.  

Yes, in the above pic you can see the carpet in the Dining Room off on the right.  And it will definitely stay that way at least until after the wedding! :)

Ok, so the drawer was standing open a bit.  But you can see another one of my wire baskets on the bottom!  A TJ Maxx find :)




  1. Love the way the floor turned out!

  2. Very cool! I think you have the "knack". I am taking notes, love the new floor!