Monday, March 4, 2013

Slipcover Project: Done!

Yes, I am still alive and kicking! Those of you who are close to me know that we did survive our son's wedding, just over 2 weeks ago.  The newlyweds have settled in and are making the adjustments to married life.  

We are still not back to putting floors down.  We are in the planning stages of the second half of the downstairs redo.  I am excited about the things were are talking about doing in the kitchen, but we have to first decide whether we have the money to do the things we are talking about, or whether we just do the floor and leave it at that. 

In the meantime, I have been working on a sewing project.  A little backstory for those of you who just recently started following my diy adventures. We have 2 chairs that were given to us by my mother when we moved to southern Indiana 16 years ago.  These were chairs that my mom had reupholstered in the 70's.  Funny thing is that I have seen some current projects done in very similar fabrics.  If you hold on to something long enough, the style often comes back!  Here is the original chair:

 Maybe you can't really tell, but the arms were filthy and worn through:
 And the spots where the cat ripped it:
A year or so ago my DH took on the challenge of reupholstering one of the 2 chairs, with a little help from me and my sewing machine.  But he did the lion's share of this project and he did an excellent job!
But when I asked him if he would mind if I tried my hand at a slipcover, there was a huge sigh of relief!  Yes, there is more black fabric that may never get used, money down the drain (not too much as we got it on clearance), but he was definitely not sorry to give up that project. 

So, using Miss Mustard Seed's slipcover tutorials as a guideline, I proceeded with my first slipcover.  I bought 2 canvas dropcloths from Lowes, and went to work! 
 It did take me quite a few hours of work, but I am very pleased with the outcome.  It is most definitely not perfect.  I would be happy to show anyone all the flaws, but for my first try, it turned out pretty well.  I love that I can remove and launder it when it gets dirty.  Since it is in the music room, it won't get daily use, but I did find Lucy hairs on it even as I was working on it.  

Here is the back:
Pretty adorable, right??




  1. belleybellebelleMarch 5, 2013 at 4:09 PM

    Wow!! It looks great, Ronda! Love the ruffles on the bottom. Very cute- I mean classy;)

  2. Thank you, Miss Annabelle. Love you much!