Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Craft Room Begins!

To all of my prayer warrior friends out there, please be praying for Cammi and the 7 other youth and 2 adults that are in Show Low, AZ doing some mission work.  They made it safely, but please continue to pray a hedge of protection around them.

So the other day, I was trying to decide on what project I wanted to start.  The transfer project I was all set to begin was a bust because my goofy computer doesn't seem to like my printer so that every time I try to take the print level above draft, it shuts down word.  GRRR!  Since the finished product will already have a slightly faded look to it, I needed the setting to be on best.  


Other things I wanted to do mostly included cleaning out cabinets as I prepare for the big shift that will happen when we actually get back to the kitchen project.  Well, many of the things that I wanted to clean out included mostly crafty type things.  

I want to move those things to my new craft room!

But why put a bunch of stuff in there only to move it all again when I get ready to paint it.  


BEFORE shot...the bat cave!  Also known as "the boys' room."

I am already quite pleased with how much just a single coat of primer has lightened up the room!!
Yes, that is my wonderful husband touching some things up so that I could go and start dinner.  
 It did take nearly 7 hours to get everything primed.  Probably won't get back to this room for a while, but I can tell you I will absolutely being finishing it in smaller sections!

Stay safe out there!  Really hoping this is our last snow!



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  1. Nice! Even though its just primer- the room already looks a lot brighter!! :) great job