Friday, December 14, 2012


Well, we braved the crowds today and went to see The Hobbit.  Ok, really there were no crowds.  One of the advantages of home-schooling- you can go to an early movie while all the other kids are still in school! Great movie, although I would have to say it seemed even more violent than Lord of the Rings.  Just sayin'.

I have come to the conclusion that the pics I have on my camera are probably as good as it gets.  Until I take a photography class or at the very least, truly learn to use my camera, I will just have to settle for mediocre pics.  Anyone out there want to come over and work with me?  (hint, hint)

I am just going to share pics of few spots around the house.  I will start with the latest project that I tried for Christmas.

Simple little burlap stockings, decorated with osnaburg rosettes.  My original idea was to put a osnaburg ruffle along the bottom of the cuff, but I was feeling a bit lazy that day and didn't particularly want to strain my brain trying to figure out exactly how that would work!  Can you say LAAAZ-Y?? I already had 2 of the little rosettes that I had experimented with, so not too much work to make 2 more.  I probably made it harder on myself than I needed to, but that lazy thing kicked in again, and I chose not to get out my glue gun, so instead used a needle and thread to keep them together and sew them to the stockings.  Yeah, thinking back on it, it would have been MUCH simpler to use hot glue!  Ah, well.  Live and learn.

A few of my little Santas sit among some greenery.

The top of my kitchen cabinets.  The seed beads and chicken are there year round, and actually the lights, too.  I just add the greenery at Christmas time.

There will be more pics on other days.  Didn't have the patience to wait on more to upload.  So now you have something to look forward to!