Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Christmas!!

Hey all!  I thought I would add a few more pics of my Christmas decorating!  Just when I think my life is slowing down, something else comes up! (I think I am addicted to exclamation marks!!!) This morning I took a group of students to another nursing home to perform for the residents.  I really love doing this since I know many of these residents will have no one who even visits them during the holidays.  It is a great experience for the kids.  This time I didn't specifically tell them they had to shake hands with the residents, but when I went to do that, they all followed!  Yay for them! 

 Here is a close-up of my lovely sled.  My letters ended up being a little off, but I still love it! I need to come up with a better way of transferring the letters to my chosen surface if I am going to continue with painting stuff!

 One of the lanterns that my mom gave me for my birthday, planted amongst some Christmas greenery.

 One of many shelves in my house.  They all have greenery on them (yes, I love greenery and lights!), this one has a grouping of snowmen.

 One of my 2 nativity sets.  This is my Jim Shore set.

 Another shelf. This pic was taken at night so that you can see the lights that I love!

I hope you are taking the time to remember Jesus' birth during all the activities of the season!



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  1. Loved singing at the nursing home today! I could tell that all the older folks really enjoyed it! One sweet woman was crying and wouldn't let go of our hands :)

    I read an article lately about how to put lettering onto furniture and...mostly wooden things. It talked about using your choice font, blowing it up and printing the word/lettering, and then tracing the lettering using pen pushing very hard. Might hurt your hands- but it would give you a nice straight imprint. Then they painted and outlined inside the imprint, then stained. :) beautiful decorations Ronda!