Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Better late than Never!

I know, I know!!  Been too long since I have posted anything.  I really have been busy!  Not to make excuses or anything! I actually finished decorating my house about a week ago.  So why haven't I posted pics you may ask?  In my defense, I have tried to get some pics of various things, but they are not turning out very well, between the fact that I am really not a very good photographer and the fact that my timing seems to be off for natural light.

So I have been spending my time completing a couple of little projects.  The first was a new tree skirt.

This is made out of burlap with a lovely gold glitter in it. My original I idea was to put a ruffle around it in the traditional way, gathering the edge of the fabric.  But by the time I had folded the fabric, it was just too stiff to be able to gather it.  OK, on to plan B.  I pinned little gathers all the way around.  A bit tedious, but can you really tell the difference? 

The tree all lit up.  And by chance a pic of little Lucy. :) Too bad she didn't pose better!

 Here a few shots of some of my favorite ornaments. 

And the outside of my house where you can see a sled, which actually belonged to me and my brother when we were growing up.  I painted "JOY" on it in red.  

And finally, the pillow that I painted.  It is made from Osnaburg leftover from the curtains that I made.  I made the case with button closure so that I can remove it after Christmas and put something different on it.  And yes, I already have ideas on what I want to do! 
Maybe this weekend I can get my lovely future DIL to get some good pics of some other decorations around the house!




  1. Everything looks lovely! You always do such a great job with your Christmas decorations. I love the tree skirt and pillow (and of course, our old sled!!)

  2. Nice job on the tree skirt. I can see the ruffle looking work you did. I agree with your mom, you do a great job decorating your home at Christmas and actually all year round. See you soon.

  3. I like the tree skirt! Im glad it turned out the way it did insead of just ruffles. More classy :)