Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I am hoping that all of you had an awesome celebration of Christ's birth!  We have had a very quiet, relaxing day.  That on the heels of a few very hectic, noisy days! :) I have had all my little "chickies" here since Saturday.  Sadly, my oldest and his wife had to leave today about dinner time to try to avoid the incoming blizzard.  I am excited about the prospect of getting snowed in for a day or 2, but very sad that they had to leave early.

As our kids grow and leave, and we get closer and closer to having an empty nest, we are little by little putting new traditions into place, all while trying to hold on to some of the old ones.  We find ourselves in the position of moving our Christmas dinner to Christmas Eve and moving our traditional chili Christmas Eve meal to Christmas day.  Minor changes so far!

My DH bought me an absolutely awesome Christmas gift this year!  Actually, he bought me several very nice gifts.  This particular gift is one I had been eyeing for a few months now at one of my fav stores.  And some of you will find it very strange that for a person who enjoys refurbing furniture that I would prefer a store-bought piece.  But this was made with old barn oak and distressed to perfection! I had been on the look-out for a china hutch to re-do, but nothing was ever quite right.

So here is my lovely china cabinet:

When I took the pics there was nothing in it yet.  I have since moved all the things out of the top of my corner hutch.  My family didn't think it would all fit, and it didn't...quite.  I put a few things down below.  For example, my china plates don't fit at all.  Ah, well, they will have to be stored below.
 I just love the details that this furniture maker added, making it more than just your standard primitive piece.  They just make it really special.  And yes, the desk will be moved so that this piece gets to stand alone along this wall.

If you are in the Midwest, stay safe!  If not, sorry you can't be snowed in ;)

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.




  1. Absolutely LOVE the china cabinet!! Very pretty Ronda!! Merry Christmas! ;)

  2. China cabinet is awesome! It will look good standing center stage on this wall! Oh the decor that you can surround it with!! Love the little tree in the cove of the hutch! Looks like it was made just for this little place!!
    Right with you there with the change up of traditions when the kids fly the nest! Our nest has been empty for about 2 years and this year's traditional Christmas breakfast was attended by only two sets of kids and great grandma!
    We all got together closer to the 10 AM hour and had an enjoyable celebration time with the 7, 3 and almost 1 year old grandchildren!!
    So traditions change and new memories are made. Love how life changes with the ages!!

    Happy New Year hugs to the Rockeys from the Egolfs!

  3. The china cupboard is awesome. Love it. You do indeed have a wonderful DH. But I've known that for 26 years!